Humanity is currently undergoing a period of accelerated evolution.

Ascension is a process of alignment with higher frequencies of consciousness based on energetic frequency.  

It is a process of activating human free will into order to consciously 'choose' to embody a unified field of consciousness.  

The third dimension is transcended to make way for a fifth dimensional (and beyond) reality of unconditional love and divine service to oneness vibrations of peace, harmony, acceptance, and compassion.

Ascension affects every aspect, level, and layer of human being-ness:

Physically, human bodies are adapting to absorb more light.  Dormant DNA strands are activated.

Emotional blocks, triggers, and perceived limiting beliefs are released into the pure energy of source.

The mind is more than just the brain.  Mental capacities expand to access alternate and multiple dimensions and telepathic abilities.

The ego aspect of being human is inextricably tied to the illusion.  Therefore, the ego is not real.  Ascension is a journey of the soul.

Spiritually, we are all connected to source and we are all connected to each other.  Negativity and shadow aspects that are cleared for one are cleared for all of humanity.  

Main themes: forgiveness, surrender, acceptance, love, honour, balance, and harmony.

We are not given any life experience that we did not already choose to have.


The body is able to hold a higher vibratory rate by releasing 3D densities such as linear time, a perceived inability to know higher dimensions, and blocks to remembering past/future life experiences.  

This involves letting go of lower frequency emotions such as anger, fear, unworthiness, shame, guilt, and resentment, etc.  These feelings often manifest in the body as struggle, pain and/or illness.

As the human vessel frees itself of old,outdated subconscious programming, it is able to carry higher energy signatures of joy, bliss, ecstasy, and wonder for longer periods of time, thus ushering forth profound change.  Dreams come true!  Miracles abound!  

Individual experiences are varied.  Although there are similarities from one person to the next, no two ascension experiences will be exactly the same.  

Side effects may include: Spontaneous awakening!  Radical transformation!   Eternal peace!

Ascension experiences also involve increased abilities in the areas of extrasensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis, andall the clairs - audience, sentience, and voyence - channelling, forecasting, and manifestation.

Clear, restore, integrate.  Make way for more light!


Ascension is a remembrance.  Humans are infinitely powerful beings of light.  

We reconnect with the perfection that already exists within.  We step into a state of pure light/love energy.

Consciousness moves from one reality to another.  Multiple realities exist simultaneously.  

Projections code energetic grids to create an illusion of time and space, which enables us to live out the life we chose upon incarnation.  


We acknowledge, resolve, and heal any physical ailment, deep-seated fear, or challenging personal relationship.  

We choose grace.  We choose unconditional love.  We choose acceptance of all energies no matter what.  

We choose to create the world we want to live in.

This is our journey.  It is our responsibility to accept.  

We go within - to worlds that exist beyond the veil of the illusion.  

We ask for light assistance from ascended masters, angels, and star light beings.  

We ascend together.