The experience begins with the player listening to a guided meditation while walking down a familiar, yet anonymous, street in the city.  

With every step, the player walks away from who they know themselves to be.  

The landscape changes subtly - trees sprout in the middle of the road, colours appear more intense, insects and animals play freely and interact with humans, buildings dissolve, and crystal light structures take their place.  

The scene evolves from a solid, grey, alienating space to a lush, magical playground. 


Wormholes appear in the projection as distorted circles, vibrating with quantum energy.

They are big enough to walk into. 


The player chooses an event participate in,and the space is blurred with light.  

There is a large oak tree in the middle of a grassy area - sit down and lean against it

There is a dock out to a clear, blue lake - go for a swim

There is an empty chair in a lively cafe  - sit down at table full of friendly people 

A microphone stands on a stage - address a supportive and encouraging audience 

A soccer game in a park - join the team

A cat is being rescued from a tall tree  - provide assistance 

The channel opens like a funnel, and contact is made.  An omnicient voice asks,

"Now.  You have created this projection?  How might we be of service?"

The player is invited to set an intention.

Examples of intentions might be:

"I intend to learn how to love myself."

"I intend to find my purpose in life."

"I intend to release creative blocks."

"I intend to give up my fear of intimacy."

"I intend to stop comparing myself with others."

"I intend to release all fears around not having enough money."

"I intend to release destructive patterns in my relationships."

The player is encouraged to vocalize and/or write their intention down on a piece of paper.  

The game environment becomes rule-lined paper or parchment and the player uses the digital interface to reinforce their intention.   

The player is then surrounded by a digital atmosphere of their intended desire.  


The power of the intention vibrates thought, feeling, and emotion.  Memories, traumatic events, and personal history rise to the surface of awareness. 

The player is guided to enter into the deepest feeling of the fear, pain, loss, or shame.

Deep breathing, relaxation, and quality of attention are key components of transmutation.  

Accompanying script will be provided.  Binaural soundtrack of theta beats produces a meditative, dream space.

8-01 Theta Beats.mp3

The player is guided to relax even deeper while walking further into a space that shifts into and out of blackness and morphing colour.  

The next phase of the journey involves a gentle but deep cleansing of the auric field using bands of chakra colours and binaural sound toning.  The players moves through to the next level.

Progress - Preparations to Meet the Unknown