Indigos and Rainbows

Channelled messages for children and youth

Think of a good feeling feeling. 

This could be a beloved toy, a conversation with a best friend, holding hands with someone you love, singing a favourite song, or reading a book you can’t put down.


Hold that feeling for as long as you can. 

Remember that feeling before you go to bed. 

Remember that feeling when you open your eyes in the morning. 

Feel that feeling as much as you can throughout the day. 

Practice the feeling of feeling good.


You might notice that the good feeling you are feeling is not the toy, conversation, best friend, or warm hand - it is a feeling that you are within.  It's an invisible feeling, and it is always with you.   

Make a friend of this good feeling and you will never be alone.  You will always have the comfort and safety of this special place inside ofyou. 


This good feeling will never go away.  You can feel your own good feelings forever.


The energy of love is in everyone and everything.  There is no exception.  The stuff of 'who' and 'what' is made of love.  


You are made of love.

The peculiar and curious nature of love is that it is always expanding.  There is no deviation from this rule.  If something or someone exists - they exist as expanding love.  This means that love can never go away or diminish.  All expressions are love; love is always getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, on and on, into infinity. 

This also means that you can never be abandoned or feel alone.  You always have an atmosphere surrounding you that is an expansion of love.  

Even when it might feel as though you are somehow outside of love.  This is never the case.  You are alwaysin a state of ever-growing, ever-present love, and so is everything and everyone around you.  

There is no one who is more deserving of love than you.  

Deservingness of love is not a competition.  It is not a way to judge.  It is always equal.    

You are always deserving of love.  


Congratulations!  You did it!  You've already won!

You are unique. Your way of being in this world is unique.

Thank goodness for you.  

You are always of value.  No matter what you think, feel, or do.  There is so much appreciation for you.

Your unique experience is shared with everyone.   You are a vital part of the never-ending process of expanding love.  

Thank goodness you are just as you are.  Thank goodness for you.

You are always more, always better, and always, you are more than enough exactly as you are.  There is no need to change.  There is nothing to fear.  There is nothing that can hold you back.  This is who you are and it is always enough.

You are always enough.  

When you are ready, you simply become more of who you are and what you love.  Every part of you is open for more love, appreciation, wonder, magic, and joy.  More, more, more!  You are always more than enough.   You are always exactly who you need to be.  

Everything and everyone is naturally made better by you.   

Thank goodness for you.  Thank goodness you are exactly like you are. 

You receive important information through your sleep and dreams.  

Pay attention to images, feelings, words, and ideas upon waking.  Keep a journal or sketch book for your impressions.

In particular, your dream world will send you information on pathways to more happiness.  This might be something you have never heard of before.  It might be an unusual word or phrase.  

Be open.  


This guidance is uniquely yours.  


If you think it might be of benefit to others, share it with whomever you choose.

Hold the feeling you obtain for as long as you can and it will multiply.  


If something is bothering you, go to sleep!

Chances are you will work it out in your sleep and dreams.

Make your sleep and dream time as fun and enjoyable as possible.  



Sleep well and happy dreams!

^ MOVEMENT - Heaven and Earth - Extra Sensory Perception ^

Breathe.  Relax.  Breathe.  

While standing, take your system into a state of deep relaxation.  You can close your eyes or leave them open.  It is up to you.  This is your world.  This is your creation.  This is your relationship to your energy body.  

Calm your mind.  Focus on your breath.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.   You can count the breaths if it makes it easier to release your mind.  If not, simply focus on the areas of the body the breath touches as it gently flows in and out.  

When you are completely relaxed and your mind is soft and supple, open your eyes.  

Bring your hands into prayer position in front of the region of the heart.  Hold and breathe for ten breaths in and out.

Now.  You have a gentle and soft rhythm with your breath and your energy.  On the next inhalation, move your prayer position up towards your chin.  Your fingers will naturally come apart and will appear to cup just under your chin.  Keep your wrists connected.  Hold, and breathe.

Bring your hands back together.  Move down your torso in prayer position until the bottom of your hands and wrists naturally pull apart.  Keep the tips of your middle fingers connected, and breathe.  Your arms should be rounded at the sides.  Repeat.

Slowly, connect the hands into prayer position and move up the torso until your fingers naturally come apart, wrists still connected.  Breathe.  

Bring hands together, move down the torso in prayer position until your wrists naturally come apart, tips of middle fingers remain connected.  

Repeat ten times.  

You are creating a funnel of energy to come into your system, and then you are creating a container with which to hold it.  

When your hands cup at chin level around the face you create a vessel with which to receive heaven into your body.  Love/light enters through the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the ears.  This attunes basic and extra sensory perception.  

When your hands and arms are rounded at the level of your navel, you have created an earth plane that you can focus on and gaze upon.  It's like you look down on the earth from heaven.  You are the creator and the creation.  With the eyes of Inifnite Energy, you gaze upon the plants, animals, landscapes, and people that live off your earthly body.  Your arms and hands are the fertile ground.  They are the lifesupport system.  

You are the foundation for your world to grow.

*Balancing Your Energy Body*

Begin with a steady rhythm of breath in and out.

Release your mind, just for a few moments, and go within. Tune into your energy body and set an intention to balance, restore, purify, and strength each of your energy centres (chakras).

Simply close your eyes and imagine spheres or circles of light energy on your mind screen. You don’t have to worry about where these are located necessarily. This is an exercise of shape and colour. Your higher self will do the rest of the work on your behalf.  

Imagine shape and colour.  See the brilliance of deep colour and the brightness of infinite light.

We begin with red. Imagine a circle of red light. This is your red light.

We are clearing red. We are restoring red. We are red. We are. Balanced.


We move to orange. Imagine a circle of orange light. This is your orange light.

We are clearing orange. We are restoring orange. We are orange. We are. Balanced.


We move to yellow. Imagine a circle of yellow light. This is your yellow light.

We are clearing yellow. We are restoring yellow. We are yellow. We are. Balanced.


We move to green. Imagine a circle of green light. This is your green light.

We are clearing green. We are restoring green. We are green. We are. Balanced.


We move to blue. Imagine a circle of blue light. This is your blue light.

We are clearing blue. We are restoring blue. We are blue. We are. Balanced.


We move to indigo. Imagine a circle of  indigo light. This is your indigo light.

We are clearing indigo. We are restoring  indigo. We are  indigo. We are. Balanced.


We move to violet. Imagine a circle of  violet light. This is your violet light.

We are clearing violet. We are restoring violet. We are  violet. We are. Balanced.

^ Movement - SHAKE  ^

> For fun, take some time today to  shake your body.

<Shake old, yucky energies off of you.  Shake your hands and feet and head from side to side.  Shake other people's yucky energy off of you.  Shake your hips, your shoulders, and your legs.  

> Flick unwanted feelings off your body and into the space around you to be recuperated into love.  Liberate negativity!  Free your body!

<Shake yourself into what you want and how you want to feel.  Align with the new currents of better feelings that are running through your system.

^ If you are stuck, try bouncing gently or rocking from side to side. As you feel the movement, your body will  lead to movement that serves you at this time..

❥❥ Breathe ❥❥

❥Take a deep breath in for 7 seconds
❥Hold your breath for 7 seconds
❥Release for 7 seconds

❥Do this until you feel your body relax.

❥You might feel a sense of relief.

❥Use these breaths to celebrate you.

❥As you practice this breath, extend the length of time you inhale, hold, and exhale.  Try 10 seconds, then 12, then 14 and so on.

❥❥ Breathe even more deeply❥❥