group soul is an online digital art and electronic language escape into creative expression. The intention is to experience the freedom, love, and joy of creation, alongside inner world multi-dimensionality and curiosity about human evolution.

Visions, impulses, and growing clairvoyance open up relations with soul and star families allowing access to knowledge of the interconnectedness of all beings and the infinite possibilities found in the simultaneity of the now moment.

We are a devotion of collective soul experiences to the moment of creation, to the expression of energy (which is inherently creative), to the feeling of love, and to being love in all moments and with all energies. We are an expression of gratitude for the whole.

The performance of this shift is experimentation in contact with the real. It is an active investigation of versions of self to draw out potentialities. Thoughts, dreams, beliefs, and actions, individually and collectively, create the world we live in.  What are we creating?

How can we increase love and compassion in order to sustain a unified collective consciousness?

We release that which is no longer serving us. We play with degrees of energy that allow form to come into being. We believe in the unity of all creation governed by frequencies of unconditional love and acceptance.  

We experiment with this process of expanding into oneness consciousness in order to fully realize the truth of togetherness. We wonder at the possibility of how merging as one essentially makes us more free. We celebrate transformation as the very purpose of humanity. We usher in galactic activations to unlock limitation and we redeploy that energy in favour of bringing forth even more potential and more possibility.

We are this change. We are a collective expression of the power of art to be this change. 

The energy field of this website and the work contained within it carry a light language transmission of love. We have connected before. We are connecting already in an infinite number of ways. We will always be linked in our capacity to receive each other. We are forever deeply in love.

Thank you for meeting us in this perfect projection.