In order to meet star light beings, the player will increase their energetic frequency.  

Prepare for Full Chakra Cleansing.


7-01 Alpha Beats.mp3

The player walks through bands of colour that correspond to the chakra system of the body.  

The experience includes full chakra clearings in combination with binaural sound toning.  

We are clearing red. We are restoring red.  We are red.  We are.

We are clearing orange. We are restoring orange.  We are orange.  We are.

We are clearing yellow. We are restoring yellow.  We are yellow.  We are.

We are clearing green. We are restoring green.  We are green.  We are.

We are clearing blue. We are restoring blue.  We are blue.  We are.

We are clearing indigo. We are restoring indigo.  We are indigo.  We are.

We are clearing violet. We are restoring violet.  We are violet.  We are.

Chakras are fully cleared and restored.  

Vibrational frequency is high.