The Precession of Equinox happens every 25,860 years - one cycle within a 206 million year cycle.

The Sun's path completes a full 360 degree backward rotation through the zodiac.  Right now the sun is moving into Aquarius and out of Pisces.

Waves of cosmic energies and planetary alignments open up star gate portals that deliver higher energy light frequencies.  

On Dec. 21, 2012, planet earth entered the outer reaches of the photon belt. 

Time and space collapse. 


The Earth is moving forward towards alignment by adjusting and advancing many levels of consciousness, both in its own planetary consciousness and in the human expression of those individuals who are incarnated at this time.  

Each and every person has chosen to exist on the earthly plane at this time in order to be of service to this shift.  

It is an exciting time to be human! 

With the opening of these energy portals and star light gateways, the earth aligns with the central sun.  

Unseen forces and light encoded transmissions of love penetrate planet Earth.  

Higher frequency consciousness allows for a more seamless integration of the light,

resulting is an easier, more graceful ascension transition.