ceremony of feeling/thinking/feeling/imagining

my mind connected to all other minds

flood of love/joy hormone flows freely from pineal gland

strange sensation of cool confidence

right brain energy/electricity crosses over aggressively/assertively/diagonally

to the left brain that seeps steadily over to the right

horizontal warm pulse of peaceful rhythm

frontal lobe focus on energy beyond sight

connection of third eye expansive sensing

torque of energy extension from forehead

radiant top of spine, base of head, central column of light

accommodates growing strength within infinite beckoning

locked into space/time intelligent life force of all creation


to become one / to love the other as self / to serve in a spirit of togetherness:

-exalted joy in every moment - there is nothing else to strive for that makes any sense

-the love of everything I do or not do - my purpose is love, my very existence is love

-recognition that the mirror is the mission - everything I see is a reflection of who I am

-another breakthrough, another release of now, another unique expression of the absolute

-this frequency is undefinable or it’s called free will


what shall I create today?

My intention is to consciously invite spirit into my life in each and every moment.

In the morning, it's easy.  I feel that I am.  I know beyond thought.  My body suspends, then levitates, and my spirit soars.

At night, before bed, I pray for light to be with me as I rest and dream.  I reach a desired state of joy.  I expect my subconscious wants to have a good time.

During the day, my dear heart and soul can sometimes forget.  

I breathe.  I meditate.

I think, "I am right next to you. I hold you. I'm inside of you. I am you."

I affirm.  I tap.

I say, "Even though I might not consciously be connected to spirit in every moment, I accept this and I choose to love myself anyway."

My higher self retorts smartly, "Do you actually think spirit does not exist with your best interest in mind in each and every moment?  All of exprience is spirit.  All of everything is love."

life has to be more chance than planned

improv in front of a mirror if you need proof

trust your fucking star family

they’re the whole reason you’re doing this

how can you lose a bunch of aliens and yourself too

suspension of belief in reality in order to write or dance

write in the air and your dancing feet don’t touch the ground

poems are fucking fun dirty old dances with words and then they feel all new again

becoming old and dirty becoming a dance poem becoming a feeling of all new again

this ambiguous/exultant known/curious dancing/writing of eternal soul

let go and allow for the fucking now moment already

always receiving something you are sending out

now a musical of high bells low drums and desires of how you want to feel

alternate wave forms of many fucking mind/body/computers of how you want to feel

you know something special’s happening and you celebrate this sacred fucking life




birds were right on top of me

colours were right inside my eyes

life peers into a new day

experience rushes through a sliver of window

I am supposed to be in bed resting

I am waiting for this tension to surrender

squirrels were jumping through my heart

sensations were nestled at my feet

I am supposed to be sleeping and dreaming

I am wishing for this poem to seep out

words were right on top of me

voices were right inside my ears

expression needed this opening

I allowed these gentle words

                                                         Jumping Timelines

the entire universe in a speck of dust

forward moving while staying in the same place

slowing down at the speed of light

aware of each moment and lost in time

focused and daydreaming

knowing nothing and knowing everything

in body and out of body

wanting and not wanting

relaxed and anxious for more

not enough time and all the time in the world

resisting and receiving

alone and connected to everything

dying and becoming more alive

love love love love love love love

easy flow (of) love

every guise (of) love

any moment expanding love

infinite possibilities (of) ever-more love

now sleep (and) dream

love (is) all

now wake up

feeling free (to be) love

each single cell (is) love 

every thought (is) love

any feeling and emotion (is) love

all experience (of) everything (is) love

now sleep (and) dream

love (is) all

now wake up

love love love love love love love 

(all) unifying essences (of) love

every breakthrough substance (of) love

each new allowing (of) love

one collective heart (all) whole (of) love

now sleep (and) dream

love (is) all

now wake up

(this) simple little poem (of) love 

lighting (a) way (for) more love

(is-ness a) constant presence (of) love

(in) every uncondition (of) the forever (of) love

(being) already (always) (only) (is) love