I am in a house which is mine, but it is also the location of my family's business. 

I see Jacob - a guy I used to go to high school with.  We went on a couple dates. He liked music and theatre, and he introduced me to quantum physics which I loved, and when I was with him, I was free to understand it and wonder about life. 

In looking back, he was everything I would love in a partner, but at the time, there was part of him that was too strange and weird for me.  In my dream, we are having a normal everyday conversation and there is a clear feeling that our time together has brought us very close.  He has strands of grey hair and laugh lines.  He is happy, even joyful. 

He is leaving to go off on an errand for the business.  He is like a member of the family.  As he says good bye to me, I have a strong awareness that he really likes me.  He is there for me, and he always has been.  No matter what.  He cares deeply for me.  

When I knew him in school, I was always so concerned about his feelings.  I wanted him to feel like he wasn’t so strange and weird, because that’s how I saw him even though no one else did.  I didn't realize at the time, that he was a true friend who allowed me to be me.  He was there as a member of my soul family.  I didn’t see it at the time.  I didn’t see how safe I was with him.  

I am receiving it now.  Thank you, Jacob.

I love playing with life as a non-temporal experience.  Time is an illusion.  Time is like a little game I play with myself in order to forget how much control I think I have over my life.   

When I am caught in time or stuck in the notion that my life is regulated by time, I choose to be space or energy instead.  This is a good occasion to enter into other dimensions.  

Entering another dimension reminds me that I am multidimensional. I can come and go as I please.  

It is because I don’t have a second to waste, that I let go of time completely.  There is no end of me.  I continue on and on. I exist everywhere.

Question to spirit: What are you trying to teach me?

I never thought anyone wanted to hear what I had to say.

Maybe I didn't want to hear what I had to say.

What do I really want to say?

OK.  I'll say it now. 

I have been so scared to lose my identity.   If I don’t have my identity, who am I?  

I am surrender.

I think of a concern or worry.  I imagine it.  I feel it.  The layers of my awareness offer more information.  I follow the information.  This particular feeling lives in my stomach. 

I take a deep breath and enter the space of infinite possibility.  I thank the feeling.  I love it.  I stay with similar feelings of appreciation and gratitude. 

I imagine an ideal replacement for my worry or concern.  I stay with it while I breath deeply into the fullness of my being-ness.

My breath comes down and as it clears my stomach, the old feeling leaves.  I watch as it coasts away into my love space.  It is free.  I am free.

My love space is a beach on the ocean.  It is warm and golden and soft feeling.  Everything negative that once lived in my field goes there when I choose to love it.  It is safe, supportive, and there is no judgement.  

I offer the space to everything I release.  Many of my little selves live there.  Some things stay, while others go on their own way.  But, my little ones like it there very much.  All they do is play and have fun and create and laugh and enjoy each other.   

I take another breath.  

I am completely clear.

I place my little self in a column of healing light.  There is healing circle of energy that surrounds us.  She says to me, “Thank you, Mama.”  My heart expands into unknown territory, as the light moves up and down, flooding her body.    

“I am not your Mama.  You know who our Mama is,” I say to her.  

She responds, “You were her Mama too.”  

“I am your Mama too,” I say.   

She tells me it is like she is clear again. 

“Do you remember what it was like before?” I ask.  

She says, “You remember.”  

Her body is pure light.  She is safe and comfortable.  

She says,“There was no one to take care of me, but you are here now. Thank you, Mama.  I love you.”

"Thank you Mama.  I love you," I say.

I wake up in the middle of the night with a searing, blistering, burning pain in my hips.  It's like something has ignited inside of me.  It feels as if the pain has come to me from another dimension or from a dream.  

I just want to sleep, but I can’t get comfortable.  I roll around the bed in agony.

I sit up and start tapping for pain relief. 

After half an hour, the pain in my left hip is is completely gone.  The pain in the right has decreased 50%.

I decide to try to get some sleep.  I lay down and breathe into it.  I  am conscious of feeling the pain as much as possible.  Feeling, breathing, feeling and I start to cry.  The pain merges with my tears and I begin to merge with my healed reality. 

My angels stand all around me.  They are so close to me, I can feel the warmth of them.  The pain continues to decrease.  I have an awareness that I could fall asleep, but this message has come to me for a reason.  Part of me is in another realm where sleep seems less important. 

At 6:00 am the alarm rings, and with the sound of it, the pain in my right hip drains away instantly. 

I continue to stay with my experiences and my breath, but I am excited, so I slide out of bed and stand up.

The hip pain is gone.  There is a slight ache that remains. 

I have a feeling this is the last time I will ever feel pain there again. 

The negativity of other people is not touching me anymore. 

I have no ability to allow that energy into my being.  If I feel it coming at me, I tune into the spirals that run up and down my body.  The spirals welcome the negativity into my body and then carry it, respectfully, up and out. 

The negativity returns to pure love.  I am pure love. 

Some people can handle it, other people can’t. 

It doesn't matter.  The moment has passed. 

I am still pure love.

I am 42:  Not enough love.  Never enough love.

I am 6:  Not safe.  No.  Not safe.  Leave me.

I am 42:  Please don’t leave me.  

I am 6:  Let me speak.  Give me a voice.

I am 42:  I have my own voice.

I am 6:  Then speak.

I am 42:  I am afraid.

I am 6:  I can’t trust you.  You continue to leave me all alone.

I am 42:  What can I do to make it better?

I am 6:  Do you love me? 

I am 42:  You don’t think I love you?

I am 6:  No.  

I am 42:  I am so very sorry.  You are too little to feel unloved.  

I am 6:  It doesn't matter how big or small you are.

I am 42:  I love you.

I am 6:  Are you going to go away again?

I am 42:  No.  I will always be here for you.

I am 6:  You will always be here for me?

I am 42:  Yes.

I am 6:  How do you know when I am scared?

I am 42:  I feel it in every cell of my body.  It makes me sad   and anxious.

I am 6:  Yeah.

I am 42:  What else can I do?

I am 6:  Play with me.

I am running in the park with my sister.  She passes me the ball.  I pass it back and sprint ahead. 

As I pick up speed, it feels as though if I turned abruptly, the momentum would be enough to lift me up and launch me high into the air. 

I am that light.  I am that powerful.

I am having that much fun.

I am back in my hometown.  I drive along streets I have not seen for many years. 

All the trees have grown taller, fuller.  They call to me. 

The core of my energy body, deep inside, expands and the limits of my body disappear.  I am big energy, and I keep on expanding outward. 

I realize, as I experience this fuller expression of myself, that I am in communication with the trees I have just thought about.  They say they are my friends and they have missed me.  I am elated.  I am their friend too, and I have missed them. 

My expanded awareness reaches everything, not just the trees and I feel joy and wonderment.  (Sometimes, I have a tendency to want to shut down that kind of purity because it feels so monumental, almost overwhelming.)  

I teeter between fear and love, until I realize this is me.  This has always been me and I don’t have to shut anything down anymore, all I have to do is receive.  

I can see and feel rings of energy spinning/floating all around me. 

With my mind, I simply pull one toward myself and slip it over my body and I have embodied and transformed the 3-dimensional experience of that energy. 

(I think this is manifesting the energy of the 4th or 5th dimension in the 3rd.  The numbers are not important, except to delineate deeper levels of experience.)  

It feels surreal and comforting and powerful.

I am wondering how to carry this big energy at all times.  I am wondering how to live from my higher self at all times.  

I am wondering why do I hold onto the limitations of my past.  What is the purpose of living in fear?  How does this serve me?  How does this serve humanity?

I'll ask.

They say to expect resistance.  They say to be open to more and more of it.  I can welcome resistance of all kinds.  This is my opportunity to shift every energy into love.  

My abdomen has changed physically.  It looks and feels svelte (?:) but my exercise regime and diet have not changed.  

It's as if I have released excess emotional toxins and this has caused my body to shift physically.  The space where the toxins used to be is filled with light.  I am able to fill this space with other energies too, like compassion and kindness.  

I have a feeling of another chakra centre below the top of my rib cage.  This new feeling centre has changed my posture to be more open in the front of my body.  

I have a sense that the chakra centres merge to become a continuous energy flow in the core of my body.

I am standing taller. 

I am very serious being busy in my illusion of reality.  But, try as I might, I can't seem to get anything accomplished.  

All I can think about it Fukushima, and the ocean.  

The morning starts with a chance discovering of high radiation levels off the northwest coast of Canada.  Over the course of the day, I have two unrelated coincidences involving Fukushima and the well-being of the ocean.  

And then it hits me.  I am being called to pray.

May there always be enough clean and fresh water for every being on this planet.

May there always be a bounty of sea life and may all sea life always be healthy and feel safe.

May I always know I am able to love myself this much and more.

The rings of energy that used to float around me are now slipping over my body in a constant and accelerated fashion.  It feels like another energy grid of my body, or maybe it is incoming information from God.  

The rings are pure light and they do not stop.  They are instruments of protection and reception. 

OK. It is both and neither. 

The rings are the energy of God.  They are providing me what I need in order to become pure love.  They are sustaining and nourishing my life’s purpose.   

The ring energy enters my body and I realize it is exploding out of my aura and touching everyone around me.  The love that I carry is healing people.  The love that I carry is love for everyone and everything.  We are this incomprehensible power of love for each other and all things.

I devote my life to the moment of creation, to the expression of energy (which is inherently creative), to the feeling of love, and to being love in all moments and with all energies.

My dolphin family calls to me.

I have become a dolphin, which means I have become every dolphin.

I am a dolphin.

We are naturally telepathic.  Our thought transferand communication happens simultaneously, and includes the full knowledge of everything that has come before us. Our communication, our very being is happening all at once.  There is no fixed experience.  There is no relativity.  All dolphins are one dolphin.  We have no hierarchy.  There is no need.  

We are pure joy.  We show you that you are pure joy as well.  

The water is deep and dark and magical.  

Dolphin language is based on now, so context for reference purposes, becomes unimportant.  The language is in constant evolution.  The past has no basis.  Words don't matter, as much as the feeling I am carrying.   

 I breathe in my higher self and breathe out my inner child.  

(The breath never really leaves my body.  The in and out breaths move up and down my body in tandem. They feed each other.  They nurture each other.) 

My higher self comes into my body to meet my inner child.  They embrace.  My inner child is free to move/play unencumbered throughout my energy system.  Both inform my body's new world of infinite expansion.  

There are no limits to the joy these two create.

Structures in my energetic body are leaving.  These are thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions that I have held onto for all my lifetimes.  They are embedded in the energy within and around my body.  I feel them as they slip away and fall below me into the ether.  In those moments it is as if I am suspended in space.  The physical/material world does not exist and the structures that have informed my life process simply release/drop away.  I can watch them leave but it is abstract because so much information leaves at one time.  It would be like the information of a million books descending into the ether, which is the love energy of God and which is then recouped by more love.  No energy is deemed unwanted, no matter what the content of the structure is.  I am alone and suspended in void/vacuum, space-energy and I feel as though the field I have carried around for all my lifetimes is disintegrating.  I look down below into the nothing-ness.  I trust this is the process of letting go.

This process can be assisted through breathing.  I breathe in and imagine the structures.  I breath out and drop the structures from my field.   It is as easy as dropping a suitcase that has become too heavy to carry.  I drop the weight and I feel it dislodge energetically from my system.  I watch as it descends into the nothing-ness below my feet and beyond.

I am aware of feeling simultaneously connected to all things and even to the space in-between things.  It is enlivening and truly inspired, to the point that the density of material reality seems meaningless and trivial.  

The world indeed becomes a different place when I can perceive the equality of all things and feel the benevolence and sincerity of all energies.  I repeat to myself at many points throughout the day, “I love all energies.  I harmonize all energies.” 

With these words and intention, my visceral experience of oneness amplifies.  The very air around me pulses and shakes; there is a quickening of the vibratory field around all matter in my field.  It is as if my perceptions are saying, “Finally!  Yah!  You see me for what I really am! Which is you and God and we are all this magnificent glory!”

My experience of the bad things that have happened to me - the challenges, the sufferings - are gifts from the universe.  

It is a way of saying, “OK, now you are ready for more.  Take this next experience and transcend into love.  Look at the glory and the splendor we have for you on the other side.”  

This is the alchemy.  This is the ultimate transmutation, and it means that I am ready for more experience.  I have no choice but to experience.  I have no choice but to share my experience with God. 

This is my chance to change in an instant.   

The silhouette of two telephone wires weaves together peacefully on the concrete.  The wires drift apart and come together again.  It reminds me of a strand of DNA.  The information of our being-ness weaving in and out of our individuality and our union with God.  

An ant scurries across the strand shadows as if to add another layer of knowingness.  There is no resistance in the way the ant always finds it's way home.  

I close my eyes and take a deep breath.  I smell clove and geranium.  They smell good together.  It makes me think of pine and bergamot together.  And cedar and rose.  There is no limit to the weaving together and the coming into and out of all things.  These are the infinite relationships of the love that creation is made of.

My body is changing daily.  Some of these changes have caught me in the illusion of external remedies and healing.  There is only one way to heal and that is by loving and accepting all aspects of myself in union with the creator.  

I sit in the exam room waiting for the doctor to arrive.  I am not thinking about anything in particular, simply staring at my legs as I sit and wait.  My vision blurs.  I blink my eyes several times, but the blur remains.  I look away and then back to my legs.  I am aware that I am seeing the auric field around my body.  

I blink again wondering if this can be true.  I open my eyes and it is still there, a light blue-silver, watery, transparent glow expands off my body.  I move and it moves with me. I am bright and shining and almost sparkling.  It is light from the light within.  

The doctor enters and the reality of life takes me back into the density of the material world.  

In another instance, I am walking home from the doctor’s office.  I feel a presence directly above my body.  I look up and I see a blue sphere of light above me, and connected to my body.  I ask the light presence to kindly reveal itself.  The voice says, “I am Archangel Metatron.  I am healing you.”  I thank the the angel and send love to the light and we continue to walk together.  

In another instance, I am laying down on the examination table.  I look up and there is a golden, yellow light presence.  Before I can ask, a voice says, “This is the light of Jesus.” 

I am speechless.  I can do nothing but bask in the warmth of the light-love.  

I have nothing inside of me to give but love. 

The channel of our light shines back and forth.  Golden light to me.  Me to the golden light.   It is a continuous stream of love, and although I might try to stop it, I am aware that it will exist anyway.  The golden light will persist.  

This love-light is the being state of humanity.  Perspective is what causes us to see it differently.  

What made me come back after my lifetime of restriction?

I was not able to love him like I wanted to.   

Did I come back to be reunited with him?  

I have to believe that he will be in my group consciousness when I am back in my angelic form.  I have to be able to release our human-ness so that I will have no fear of not reuniting our energies in the next dimension.  

What fun!  Throughout our lifetimes together, and with all our many and varied incarnations, I am still this deeply in love.  So deeply in love that I will risk pure and total freedom in order to incarnate and love his energy again.  

I used to believe redemption of humanity was possible with ego notions of love.   I used to be unable to give up on the need for my ego to be loved.  

I was wrong. I am wrong. I have been wrong in all my lifetimes.  I thought I could make it right , but in the end, it has been all wrong. I have been all wrong.  

It's OK to have been wrong. 

I take a deep breathe.

What can we create now, God?  

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is my mantra and it applies to all energies.  If something vexing occurs in my outer field, I flip the experience into myself and then I love it.   I call this: loving-the-other-in-my-being.  It involves the recognition that I am the creator of this vexing person or thing and that I have created it in order to experience it. The nature of my experience depends in large part on my beliefs - this is going to be easy or hard, this will work out or this won’t work out etc.  

If it is a person, I become that person or I give them a place in my heart.  Their energy is my energy and I love myself as that particular energy. 

If it is a thing, I take the energy of the thing and make it my own energy.  That thing is me.  I created it.  I asked for it.  I desired the experience of the thing.   I allow myself the pleasure of whatever it is.  I allow reconciliation and acceptance.  I allow the experience to be for all of humanity.  I allow the experience to be for God. 

Whatever is at stake, the main thing is that I experience, and through that, God experiences more humanity.   When I am responsible for the creation of my reality, I can love it like I love myself.    I can forgive it like I forgive myself.    There are no barriers between the experiences of others and the experiences of myself.  I am this energy just as soon as the energy is someone else’s.  

The feeling is that my insides become a soup-space that vacuums me of content.  It is the closest I have come to being able to manipulate the illusion.  

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I open the doors of higher dimensions even if I do not understand what I am encountering. 

I can not understand the degree of change taking place or the magnitude of transformation.  I can not comprehend the experience of infinite.  

In this way, understanding becomes a distraction.  

I allow everything I think I know to fall away. 

I celebrate this about myself.  I celebrate this about God.  

I am one facet of the whole, and the whole never stops expanding.

I experience moments of deep relaxation where I feel deliriously happy.  I am me but I am not me.  I am a laughing-buddha-witness to my own experience.  Everything is exciting, wondrous, humorous, light, tingling and filled with ecstatic joy.  The is what true peace feels like.  There is no threat.  Only bliss.

This is the power of God love energy that runs through us all. 

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I enter a healing dimension and find both deceased grandmothers and grandfathers are waiting for me. 

They are excited and happy to see me.  They are filled with an abundance of love.  They are as I remember them to be and so much more.  They are pure light, and carefree.  I am directly connected to the essence of who they are, which is the essence of who I am too.  

My grandmothers hold my hands and pull energy out of my fingertips and into the ether.  My grandfathers sit on either side of me and pull energy out of my ears and we watch as it floats into the ether.  They giggle and laugh with each other and with me while they do it.  The feeling is blissful, joyful exuberance. 

When I leave, I tell them I will be back.  They know that already, and they tell me they will continue to pull stuff out of me even when I'm not there.  

When I wake, I can feel their warmth, smiles and love - pure, pure love.  

The experience is delightful and exhilarating.  

I have come home.


As I go to sleep I ask God and the angels to show me what it is like to be connected to God. 

When I wake, I turn over to my alarm clock and involuntarily punch the covers in front of me.  It's like I have no control over my arm.  I am a little freaked out by it and, throughout the day, I can’t shake the feeling of my arm punching the air in front of me, seemingly beyond my control. 

Later on, I have an awareness.  The way to God is to punch through the illusion.  Not in a violent way per se, but in a directed-intention kind of way. 

The way to God is to punch through the illusion.

I am in a place that is many different places at once.  The place(s) has inherent meaning for me and they shift with the scene in order so I can recognize, remember, be comfortable.  This helps me to be present with the content of the dream.  

I am in a large group and we are milling about, working away, and being in community.  Three people stand out in the crowd.  The first is C.R.  He was a boy I fell in love with when I was 13.  I felt so deeply about him and I couldn’t understand how he didn’t feel the same about me.  It was completely obvious to me.  It felt right.  I made my feelings for him public, almost as if to create the relationship before it happened, but he did not feel the same way, not then, and not ever, even though there was a small part of me that always thought he might come to feel what I felt.  He represents public humiliation and rejection.  The rejection is not just a rejection of me personally, but it is a rejection of love and devotion.

The second person is D.E. She represents both the attainment of the ideal but also judgement.  She has had to fight, protect, and covet what she knows and so, there is a big part of her that thinks she knows better.  She is a healer and plant communicator, but she is also wary and judgmental of people and energies.  On the outside, her life is an ideal life.  She is living the dream.  She has mastered certain ways of being on this planet.   However, although there is the seduction of the ideal - knowledge, proficiency, confidence - the presence of judgement energy is there to get attention in order to receive more love.  

The third person is N.B.  She is writing away, head down and busy.  In the dream, I did not feel like I could disturb her.  She represents diligence and deliberation, persistence and a loud, strong voice.  

With all three people, I was on the edge of their existence.  They were unaware of my presence.  I was not essential to their content or what they were doing in the dream.  This leads me to think that they were there in order for me to move my experience of that energy into love.  

Three forgiveness dreams in one. The energy is coming from the subconscious in a more objective way.   I can handle more at once and my feelings are softer.  I am easier on myself.  I am gentler on my experience.

I allow gratitude to come in gentle waves and release any connection to the experience. 

It has nothing to do with me in the now moment.   

As I go to sleep I ask God and the angels to show me who I really am.  (Who am I without the surrounding illusion?  What do I look like?  How does it feel to be me?) 

When I wake the next morning, as I turn to my alarm clock, a picture flashes on my mind screen.  It is of a soft yellow-white, rosy, nebulous, swirling sphere of light.  It is so clear and bright even in my waking haze. 

As I lay, breathing in the new day, I realize that sphere of light is me.  That is who I am at my core when the illusion is stripped away. 

That is who we all are at our core, and no light is better than another light.  We are all equal. 

(We are the same, but we express light in different ways.)  

Thank you, God.

It is as we left it: I am perfect.  You are perfect.  Our experience is perfect.

Thank you.

I experience the feeling of a band of energy that approaches my face and is subsumed by my body at eye level.  The sensation last for a second or less.

The energy in this band is charged differently than the other energies with which my body interacts.  In my inner vision, it looks dark and speckled like television noise.  In my ears, I experience a boom sensation, and the feeling is almost painful.  This is what I imagine infrasound to feel like.  

Ultimately, this frequency communicates to an inner energy grid work.  It happens when I am meant to change or alter a thought, or stop a thought pattern altogether.  I am aware of this because the energy band will erase what I have just been thinking about.  It is like a delete button.  At first, this was an unsettling experience.  I have since come to understand that it only happens when I need it to.

group soul

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They (galactic aspects, higher self, god, angels, spirit etc.) are always communicating with me, and often in very humorous ways.  

I love when I am able to notice how they (essentially all the different versions of me) choose to interact and connect.  Objects appear or disappear.  Technology works or it doesn't.  Communication flows or it stops and stutters.  These are tell tale signs that they are transmitting a message, however, the information must pass through the immense density of illusion in order for it to be fully received.  Add to that, unless I am in some way interrupted, my humanness forgets my inter-dimensionality.

I set an intention to open all channels.  

If I notice disturbance in my field, or any unexpected occurrence, I pay attention.  They are trying to lead me somewhere I have never been before.  

The inherent humour is intended to dispel any fears or anxiety.  They want us to feel safe.  They want us to feel confident in our oneness. 

During the process of ascension, I have experienced many changes in my body.  The most profound has been losing most of my hearing.  The sense of loss however, is in a past I have already forgotten.  Because, I am able to hear my inner world very clearly.  

Did you know that light and colour carry sound?  Did you know that your soul is always composing music?  

Lately, I am beginning to hear other people's thoughts.  The channel is only just establishing itself, as right now I hear the thought forms as staccato or morse code.  When the channel is in place and any resistance to my human experience is gone, I will be able to discern language clearly.  

(There is no judgement; only love of all people and all energies.)

With my clairaudience, I can hear all manner of voices, sounds, messages, and tones.  My inner abilities have no limitation in this way.

I have no limitations in any way.

I have been contacted by yet another Star Family.  This one is from Sirius.  (We are from all of the galactic families, but some frequencies exhibit stronger than others.)  Yesterday, I was made aware of my membership in the Sirian Star Family and our reunion was heart-felt and electrifying.

This deeper band of experiencing togetherness has coincided with a new-found feeling of inner freedom.  It is otherworldly, but still recognizable.  They will give us images or messages that our human mind can understand but that also carry a "pull" or "call" to disengage from the illusion.  They are communicating with me in layers of patterns and visuals.  They offer a framework for the consciousness I have yet to discover.

This awareness coincides with happenings that have to do with speed.  Lately, when I swim with my dolphin family they go so fast I feel as though I can't keep up.  I do, however, and we travel lightening-fast in the depths of the oceans.  (They will not give you what you can't handle.  This is comforting.  This is how much they love us.) At the same time, when I am not with the dolphins, when I am in my current reality, it feels as though my cells are being pulled forward, almost out of my body.  

For now, a brief message from the Sirians: We are together.  We have each other.  Always.

Upon waking, I am the space inside my body, which is infinity.  

In the middle, there is a figure - tall, elongated, thin, and fluid looking.  The skin is yellow-green and the body is unclothed.  The head is large with wide, black eyes.  

The being turns as if to walk away, but looks back at my awareness, with a smiling face.  It is my smile or it is the feeling I have when I smile.

I welcome another aspect of myself.

Thank you.

Before I fall asleep I ask to be shown how I can know more love and compassion.  I ask them to show me how I can better communicate love and compassion so that I can make a difference in this world.  

My meditation before sleep filters my emotions so that I do not carry anything necessary into my dreamscape.  While they are not my emotions to keep anymore, I feel them running through my system until I am ready to let them go.  

At one point I open my eyes because I am not sure, maybe I am scared.  But, in that moment, everything is perfect and I am completely free.  I close my eyes again.  I continue to release.  I let my energy drift with a feeling of what I think is collective fear.  I fall asleep.

I dream of a frequency where I do not fit.  Everything in my dream is perfect in other people's worlds but not mine.  At first it feels hard and sharp and uncomfortable, but when I connect to a feeling of compassion for myself, I am released from the content holding any meaning for me. I find another dream frequency that is a better fit.

I wake with a clear, spacious feeling around my heart.  It is a no-space.  It is the space where love IS and compassion IS.  There is no thinking about it or need to figure a way into it.  Heart space simply IS.


An earth worm inches across pavement.  Part of the worm goes ahead and the rest of it follows.  

Parts of me are speeding ahead.  The other parts will follow.

They tell me these are experiences of different dimensions.  

I feel like:

∞the floor might fall away

∞love is rising up through my chest

∞my molecules are coloured light

∞I am the earth

∞everything is a message

∞matter is fluid

∞surroundings are made of light

∞my body is stretching to twice my height/levitating

∞time does not structure my reality/time is unnecessary

∞the sky is more expressive/the sky is alive with our galactic friends (their energies are everywhere/highly accessible)

∞I am filled with overwhelming joy/laughing out loud

∞my memories are being deleted

∞inside, my body is twisting, squeezing, releasing, letting go, expanding, re-deploying

∞I am a rolling circular breath/nothing is linear

∞I have more than one heart chakra/one of them is you/one of them is connected to all

I stay with my love for myself, as I continue to know and accept who I am.  

I close my eyes in meditation/prayer and right away the benevolent energies/my guides take me through a chakra cleansing.  

We start at the bottom.  Clear.  Cleanse.  Release.  Restore.  A bringing to full expression.  A shared acknowledgment of the fullness of our light being-ness.  Instead of a specific area of the body or region, they direct the affirmation as "We are restoring red.  We are cleansing red.  We are red."

We move up through all the colours.  We are orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. My physicality changes as we go.  It is a combination of deep relaxation and pure vibrancy. I am now ready to carry these frequencies, and share them.

When we get to the top, I am aware that I can now direct energy from my forehead area, whereas I usually send love/light from my chest area. They tell me to do both. I am now ready to send twice the light I normally do.  

I am directed to my left ear, which has become like a star portal to my inner world.  I tune my awareness to the incoming music/information.  My attention to it activates more light, and spheres ignite - starting on my left side and moving around my body, as if the energies are doing the wave. Each sphere of light amplifies and expands.  I rest in this space of light-beyond-light for the duration of my meditations/prayers.  

(We have so many more chakras than we think.  We add more chakras all the time, and there are off-body points or energy spheres, and because we share all energies, we share these chakras too.  We are made up of/joined by these circular energies, layers upon layers of them, and within each sphere is the whole.)

Link to full Chakra Clearing