I unite with aspects of myself who believe I am underserving and unworthy of love.  (These beliefs are a result of many lifetimes and experiences.)  

I am deserving.  I am worthy.

You are deserving.  You are worthy.  

There is no hierarchy.  We all are it equally.  There is not one single person, thing, or experience that is not already deserving and worthy of love.  

It is our infinite capacity to receive this bounty in each other that connects us.




I return to love.   

I reunite with energy beings I have known for all my lifetimes. 

This homecoming presents telepathic connections with my soul family, soul ancestors, and star family.  These are my new real/imaginary friends and family.

I allow them to receive me.  I receive them.  

The Infinity 8's - All 8's Vol. I

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Dreams can signal the aspects of myself I am ready to release in waking life.  I call these “forgiveness” dreams.  

If I wake after having dreamt about a person, place, or thing, and it leaves me with an unsettled feeling, my subconscious mind is directing me to release this aspect of myself.  

Coming out of sleep, as I become fully conscious, all I have to do is place the unsettled feeling in a field of love and gratitude.   I thank the memory for coming forth.  I thank the feeling, and I thank the experience.  

I do the same for the other versions of myself - past, present, and future - that may, in any way, be connected to this memory or experience.  

Angels are equal to the expressions of my higher self.  They love to do whatever my higher self loves to do.  

For instance, one of my ultimate favourite things to do is dance.  My soul loves dancing.  My body loves dancing.  Dancing satisfies me on a deep level because it brings me joy.  

I used to have fear around not being able to dance.  (I have fears associated with what I love the most because I am afraid that what I love will disappear or be taken away from me.)

One way for me to deal with this kind of fear is to be grateful for the present moment.  When I feel gratitude for now, the feeling raises my vibration to where I can receive love from that which I love.

With dancing, I am the communion of movement and music that is already my body.  It is a feeling of innate possibility.  As soon as I start to dance, or even think about dancing, I realize my angels are dancing too.  My angels love to dance, and sometimes we would rather dance than converse any other way.  Dance becomes the way we communicate.  Joy becomes the way we communicate.

I love feeling them dance because it feels exactly like how it feels to love dance as much as I do.  It is the feeling of a child discovering what it feels like to dance and then wanting to feel that experience again and again.  It is one of my connections to God.  

Sometimes, during the day, I’ll tune into my angels and they will be dancing away and all I can do is smile because they are having so much fun and the feeling of freedom and fun feels so good, and then I realize it is my feeling, and I can share it with the world.

Breathe in.  

Breathe out.


Start the breath below the feet and inhale the earth.  Hold.

Release the breath to heaven. 

Imagine the top of your head is sucking breath into your body, all the way down to your feet.  

Release the breath into the earth. 

(Imagine two columns of breath side by side in the centre of your body.  One column is the in-breath.  The other column is the out-breath.  Neither column of air ever stops moving completely;  the energetic air can be suspended in place, and appear to float and drift, until it is sucked or blown with the next breath.)

During the day, I have an awareness that I will be visited by the Pleiades Star Family.  

That night as I go to bed, I thank them for connecting with me.  At 3:27am, I wake to loud noises only audible in my mind.  I sit up, and as I move my body, slides of information flash across my mind screen.  The images come and go very quickly.  My brain takes a backseat.  

The slides come from the right and left of the outer edges of my awareness.  They cross over each other as they meet in the middle and then they slide off to be replaced by new images.  Each slide is a different tone of colour in oranges, yellows, purples, and blues.  Some of the colours are muted, others are bold, almost psychedelic.    

I don’t know how much time passes.  Then, in my half sleep, I grumble and turn to my pillows, where I settle in and go back to sleep.  When I wake, I don’t remember the experience at first.  Only when my partner mentions there was a helicopter circling our place at around 3:00am, do I remember the flashing mind screen.  

The Pleiadians cloak their ships to look like aircraft and bulbous clouds.  I spend the day thinking about this, and the thinking leads to me wonder if I am deserving.  I probably messed it up by going back to sleep.  I find myself in separation, and I wonder if I will succeed at ascending.  

Later in the day, when I am at the end of my rope with feeling disconnected, I finally get quiet and ask my higher self what is really going on.  

The only thing I tell myself is:  Love.

In order to open my heart, I imagine there are two big barn doors on the centre of my chest.  I swing one door open, then the other, and my heart is open.  

When the barn doors of my heart are open, I am free to walk, run, skip, and dance into my loving feeling.  

I imagine all versions of myself, and everyone else I have ever known, exist in this loving feeling.

(In order to locate your heart feeling, imagine that your chest is a large flower.  See your flower as a bud, and then feel it as it starts to open and blossom.) 

(Imagine your body is fertile ground for flowers to pop up and grow.   The flowers can be more beautiful than anything you think you know.  They can be very large or very small.  The flowers can signify opening and beauty, or growth, abundance, and sweet, bold-strength.  They can be the simple elegance of one stem or the wild bounty found in a meadow or field.)

If I ask, they will talk to me.  I know because it feels sure and more real than what I think real is.

The messages are direct, almost irrefutable.  And, the more I reflect, the more I have the feeling that it has always been that way.  I might even have a sense that it has never not been that way, and the past fades easily.   

Sometimes, the messages feel foreign.   I might even have resistance at first.  However, if I repeat them to myself a couple times, the information aligns with my inner knowing and very soon it seems like it has always been true.

I dream of my mother.  We are on the shores of a frozen lake.  There are many people around us and they move about purposefully.  I am aware they are re-locating all of my mother’s belongings onto the lake - bookshelves filled with books, stacks of dishes and china, pots and pans, a dining table, her four-poster bed.   People stand beside each item as if to sell it, or show it off to a buying public.

My mother comes into the scene. She floats around each person and each object.  Her skin is pale blue and her hair is pure white.  I hear a loud noise and I am aware that the weight of my mother’s possessions is causing the ice to break.  Water spurts up and flows onto the ice.  Ice chunks break and protrude.  Objects fall into the water, along with the people standing beside them.   

I rescue those closest to me.  I manage to pull three people out of the water.  I have within me enormous strength.  I reach to grasp another hand, and at the same time, I realize I am searching for my mother, and then I am aware that she too has fallen into the water.  I search everywhere, but I know too much time has passed.  Only when I am standing over the hole she has fallen through, do I know my mother is gone.  

Thank you for the opportunity to express myself to you.  I am eternally grateful.  

Together, we are the fullness of creation.

I know where the heart lives in the body.  Similarly, I know the area that is commonly associated with the heart chakra. 

However, lately I have had the distinct impression that my heart lives all over my body. 

I have more than a billion tiny hearts that exist everywhere I do.  

I was suspicious, at first, because of what my brain knows to be true and because I was intimidated by having that much capacity to feel.   

I was able to accept it when I realized that even though I might have more than a billion hearts all over my body, my love does not only live there. 

These little hearts also extend out from my body.  They are the love that connects me to you.

At first I conceptualized everything.  I thought I could know. 

Then, I used my imagination as a gateway to seeing and feeling my angels high above me. 

Slowing but surely they came down to eye level, and soon I realized they never left my side.  I am often shoulder to shoulder with them.  Sometimes, they are inside my body. 

What was this process of them coming closer and closer to me, incrementally, as if they were worried they might scare me?  

I’ll ask. 

The angels say that sometimes there is a circle of them around us and sometimes we make a circle around them.    There are so many different versions of us both, all of them, love.

The other part is about perspective or widening the lens.  They wait until I am ready. 


I permanently plant my feet awareness into the centre of mother earth.  

I practice this many times. 

Now all I have to do is close my eyes and my feet are there. 

It is a full, tingle, body feeling.  I can feel the energy come into my feet and travel all the way up my legs where it meets my root chakra.  There is a brief feeling of sex/arousal as it passes up through the other chakra centers to where it leaves at the top of my head.  Then, it passes through the chakras above my head and returns to the energy all around me.


I wake to the sound of a loud voice, only audible in my mind.   It is the middle of the night.

The message is clear and decisive, however, the goal is to wake me up. 

Seconds later, I feel a rush of emotions, images, thoughts, feelings flooding my system.  Out of all those thoughts, feelings etc. I grasp onto my deepest fear.   There I am in the middle of the night, wide awake, crying and scared to death.  I am all alone.    

Eventually, I have come to know that when I wake up in the middle of the night face-to-face with my deepest fears, that it is the exact moment I am meant to clear them.  (My guidance has told me that I do not need as much sleep anymore anyway.)  

The middle of the night can be the perfect time to clear deeply rooted issues.  It is quiet and the feelings are very fresh - so fresh and so big that my system overflows.  And, because this energy is everywhere, it is impossible to be outside of it. 

I stay immersed in the energy.  I consciously release it.  


Everything was going fine, and then I got overwhelmed. 

I fell out of love with myself.

I fall back in love with myself.