To: The Black Box Void of Creation Energy


Clear intention - To make the best art possible for the highest good of all. 


1 half 8 around a bird.mp3

Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.


Clear intention - To escape, disappear entirely, detach, and dissolve.  





Perceive.  Electricity from thin air.  Creation.  Not in a market.  Freedom.  Available to me.  Available to all.


Fantasy of subconscious becoming conscious.  Realized and co-created.  Deliberate and totally allowed.

Clear intention - What do I want to create?


More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. More. 


Breathe.  Hand on heart.  Feel body.  Energy flows beyond knowing.  Relax.  Non-thought.

Not thinking!  Not thinking!  Not thinking!  Not thinking!  Not thinking!  Not thinking!  Not thinking!  


Relax.                                                   Safe.                                                   Relaxed.  


Safe.  Love.  Relaxed.  Love.  I want to love myself more by fully accepting the fullness of my creative expression I want to be OK to do something wrong make mistakes beingness free will embodiment is enough unconditional acceptance what is lurking behind my desire express my soul’s fantasy world my subconscious longing made real.  This is cliche.  Brian Eno says, “Don’t be afraid of cliche.”  I’m not fucking afraid but I'm still fucking desperate for external approval.  Even in this space of nothingness this pattern persists.  I want to fucking love it so much!  Let this energy of lacking fucking love guide me gently into the unknown.  Let it fucking go. 

My clear fucking intention is to love myself and others unconditionally. 

Let it be an element or atmosphere.  Let it go. 

Fuck words.  I want to convey feeling or have the opportunity to feel the fullness of every desire.  Let it go. 

I am feeling right now.  This feeling.  This feeling.  This feeling.  Hold.  This feeling.  Hold. 

This feeling.  Let it fucking go.  

Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!            Thinking!

Clear intention - to love my self and others unconditionally.

Clear intention - To let go.  To hold.  To let go.  To hold.  To let go.  To hold.  To let go.

Clear intention - To feel the fullness of desire. 

I don’t know.

I know.

I don't know.


Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax.


Dissolve allowing moving video painting feeling of media art of deep emotion hold dance of fantasy feeling and full expression allowing song of becoming now new feeling of music of non-meaning new meaning now move words into non-meaning feeling sense multiplicities will take care of themselves easy flow multiple perceptions available to me now easy flow multiple receptions available to all.  Feel.  Freedom clear intention is a rush of genius free will is power beyond singular embodiment nothing is holding on becoming fluid becoming free mist of becoming unconditional love. 


Breathing in.  Breathing out.  I am willing.  

Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing. Willing.

I love detachment.  I love the feeling of non-thought.  I love the flow of energy coursing through my body.  I love videos.  I love art.  I love unconditional love.  I love freedom.

Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.   Love.


I love breathing.  I love life.  I love breathing.  I love life.  I love breathing.  I love life.  I love videos.  I love art.  I love unconditional love.  I love freedom.

Breathing in and out.  

Breathing in and out.  


Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive.  Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive.Receive.


Now version of an aspect of self new no one train of thought substance detached from a state of no mind non beingness past present future of inside and folded back into every time line jumping time past lines of identity into another multiplicity of known/unknown thought and/or awareness and/or embodiment following infinite accumulation of expression no one body of knowing before no motion no trauma in a moment of conscious awareness easy unified flow of eternity is a closed loop thank god I go on and on.

10 mins. or so of blackness. 

Body deeply relaxed. 

Lost recognition of the now moment. 

Images begin to appear.  



footsteps of 8's.mp3

Abstract Machine of Meaning Everything is Currency, “I don’t know what I want to create.”

Creation is happening now.  The most important moments of life are happening.  Now.  The interiority of obscurity has taken over.  This is a feeling of freedom.  Like nothing else.  Learn to be with it.   Love it.  Potential of connection that might be otherwise be found outside identity/capitalism/materiality/conditions.   

Alternate Reality Principle - Inside Gentle Seeking and Agreement. 

Functions of irrational and emotional easy interrogation of the mind body complex gentle beckoning of desire and oneness feeling into space of feeling extra feeling sensory feeling awareness feeling.  Sensitive.  Love. Sensing. Consciousness expression projection of my willing belief dream of love art one step out of linear light time light years away.

Perfection Ideal Conscience  - Self-Hypnosis IS Happening.  

Shaking all over,  “This feels good!”

I already asked.  

Focus on receiving creative impulse is not really focus on receiving creative impulse.  

Enter into non-thought space of most important information.  Body is gone.   

Now I hear voices.  

Loose remembering.  Forgotten again.  


Getting closer or remembering making the best videos the best art the best writing highest good of all feeling I am already there love is here now. 

Space of forward-moving energy.  Feeling of safety.  Sensory deprivation.  Up.  Down.  Celestine.  Roots into the Earth.  Now.  Home. 

Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating. Floating.

Impulse of pure choice. How can I stop? Heart flowing open door in the morning spirit gets out wants to play.  What do I see?  Heart?  Feel?  Retreat is impossible.  Yes.  I am fearless.  

I am waiting.  Again.  I am already there.  Again.  I am breathing in and out and feeling and sensing and thinking about not thinking and feeling and sensing and floating and suspending and not thinking and feeling a feeling of love.  

Videos are movements of my inner ear vibrations of allowance and remembering and location and identity and clarity and time is a black box void voice is mine and mine alone I am more than enough I can make anything I fucking want.

Suspended in disbelief.


I don't know.  I know.  


Loss/gain of content through communication inside and out nothing sticks or stands out just blackness black walls around me black sounds of nothingness black imagination suddenly appears in figments/filaments of circle blending other circles one on top of the other always coming together then going away again circle colours other circles distant then closer together again colours moving in circles into other spaces of shape now out of circle FOCUS blackness holding coloured feelings of form dissolving red to gold.  Green.  FOCUS IS NOT FOCUS EASY SOFT FEEL IT FLOAT FLY BY GAZING JOY AND WONDER.

Golden-green space relation between shifts of redness. Golden-green is golden-blue to red flower circle on top four golden petals space of purple experiences space of qualities of green star has a golden feeling. 


Home is on a little red and gold flower star that becomes blue and purple star and green flower.   Every material entity is not really one entity.  An actual star and my fantasy of a little starry home is the same materiality of infinite energetic creation/projection.  There is no stopping matter into multiplicities and further unknowns.  Warmth and redness on one side.  Molecules, electrons, and dark matter on the other.  Divided principles and laws exponentialized.  Carrying on keep going folding stretching electromagnetic relativity relatively and absolutely seeped not stoppable into the seeds of my meditation or this is a lucid dream and I am meditating I am a star becoming a flower.  

Feeling. Sensing. Floating. Dissolve. Feeling. Sensing. Floating. Dissolve.         

                                                                                                                                       Love.  Love.


Everything is already at the mercy of my free will. 

The art will come.  It always does. 

Chance is everything the chance I might not notice the change I might forget who I am the change I might feel at home on a star the chance I am energy of desire receiving the fullest expression of self-acceptance.  I am loving everything love is.  I am taking the chance. 

Love is in a black dream box of acute feelings endless dreaming meditating and becoming black morphing into coloured forms shapes.  Again.  Blackness of a void telling me what kind of art to make.   Movement has no temporal extension spirit eyes closed even when they are open how I want to see the spirit of inspiration this a potential of my conscious reality.  Maybe not enough belief.  Change thoughts.  Feel and trust.  Ears open even so I can’t hear still perceiving on another plane of existence.  I am here and there.  A star.  Listening everywhere.  The electric air of my heart.  Thoughts thatscurry across my mind.  Stopping.  Starting up again.  If there was a sound, it would be like electricity crackling.  If there was a feeling, it would be like walking beside a telephone pole and feeling electricity moving through an awareness of body.  If there was an image, there would be Tesla with his hands on a sphere conducting the invisible electricity of pure positive energy.  

Attraction!  Attraction!  Attraction!  Attraction!  Attraction!  Attraction!  Attraction!  Attraction!  Attraction!


The very FIRST transmissions from beyond. 

Coming to me when I knew just enough more how to ask. 

Even though I didn’t know that I knew I knew. 

My first conscious experiences of an alternate reality new mix of remembering feelings and emotions again I knew this once again I thought I knew. 

Unleashed flowing freely received sense awareness has no temporal extension.  It goes on and on 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510... genesis of repeating didn’t start anywhere many fluid forms of thought and feeling.  Now.  They are all mine.  Picked out of the sky.  Here.  Distant star relations are maximum intelligence already contained within.  Mine.  Perceptions create a star family reunion.  Ours.  Potential.  All.      

It is simple.  We love each other.   They meet me there/here/in love.   


One colour leads to another colour leads to another sound of colour or light of sound leads to another movement of receiving everything. 

It's true!    I am eternal!

Alien intelligence!  Alien intelligence!  Alien intelligence!  Eternity!  Alien intelligence! Alien intelligence!

Natural energy from the air itself.  Aligned with me in a black box void of creation energy.  Frequency within blessings my grasp.  High.  A charge of life everything is connected this is my imagination bringing a message from my home planet.   Home.  Stars.  Home.  This is who I am this is my life and this is how I want to belong.  My galactic ancestry is.  Eternal.  Star.  Light.  Of love.  

I want to make art.

I don't want to make art.

That night outside on my bike seeing their ships in the sky.  Staring and wondering and dreaming open heart not paying attention to anything lost in a compression of non-existent time.  I was feeling l was love.  I was open no conditions or resistance.  My parents call me in but not because they see the ships they don’t believe me somehow I am free.  

I want to make art.

A bike and an active imagination. They made contact with me early on but not without me asking them first you have to ask to meet them they don’t just show up willy-nilly.  I have been communicating with them for a long time before I could realize I was communicating with higher intelligence I was communicating with star light love since before the beginning of space.  

Before.  Now.  Before.  Now.  Before.  Now.  Before.  Now.  Before.  Now.  Before.  Now.                 Together.  Again.  

Now we make virtual art together in my half human body with my infinitely intelligent mind.  Unified.  All the space/time.  

Playing around with non-thought not really because then it would be thinking finding the most fun the most light the most playful feeling playing like a little child little figures books rocks green light flash light house of post cards broken bits of twig dried flower petals or sewing paper shredding life triangles relationships shaped to the freedom of a circle of triangles in my imagination.

Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  Art!  


large oblong 8's.mp3

Going about it in a new way game of chance the way to know myself is around or through a circle and yet I see triangles around and through a game of star light.  

Many more experiences.  Ready. listening focus body drops away flowing on ephemera relaxed into non-existence is a river of expanding unfolding emotions.  

Floating thoughts mind a different atmosphere of river.  Something beyond identity or form.  Some thought loose and funny.  Going nowhere.  Lost in colour.  Forward-moving upward feeling.  Dosen’t make sense. Don’t care.  Words are not real.  Staying in the same place.  Losing sense of reason and control.  This is not my issue. 

Congratulations!  Mind dissolving not my mind and together we die to be born again.  New.  Now.  Experimental.  The Leading Edge of Thought Forms.  Glorious bubbles of pure elation.  Enlightenment.  Basking perception lands on a different river atmosphere of belief.  

I fall in love again how can I stop strange that I had this memory or that sensation body is soothed from the inside out connection to the earth to a feeling I don't know thinking I don't know the earth feeling like I know.

Blue golden green purity writing creating bliss joy wonder magic rhythm flow floats happily over the edge where does the river start lots of laughs and solutions on the other side and at the very beginning I love love trusting heart best thing about me overflows saying yes open-hearted knowing loving knowing what I know power to share inner radiance light love with all of creation expressing pure positive energy together.  Mirror.  Light.  Mirror.  Moving towards this goal.  Nothing can stop me.  

Finally chasing little glimpses of meaning I remember colours and shapes to make myself understand the eternity of everything I will never know.  Trying.  Doing.  Trying.  Doing.  Trying.  Doing.  Trying.  Doing.   

Creation!  Creation!  Creation! Creation!  Creation!  Creation! Creation!  Creation!  Creation!  Creation!

Any kind of outcome is alright with me dancing in the fullness of potential choosing what I want seeing what comes naturally celebrating either way knowing I am divine perfection.


OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! 


Forward-moving.  Upward feeling.  A new music and theatre and dance experiment with a body and the Real. Colours into forms.  Movement into sound.  Feeling into Good Feeling.  

What kind of video am I  going to make today?  Gabrielle Roth says, “Remember, you are the dance.”  Remember.  Moving.  Forgetting.  Cutting.  Sewing.  Painting.  Remembering.  Carving.  Twisting.  Hitting.  Swaying like a tree.  I am making the best videos.  Forgetting.  I am making the best videos. Highest Good of All. Nothing.  No one.   Adventuring into the unknown of my desire.  Remembering.  Pure Positive Energy.  I want and I don’t want.  Want.  Want.  Want.  Forget.  Forget.  Forget.  Fun.  Easy.  Loose play of colour of pure life, pink flower of clitoris of pure life celebrating creation energy sexual energy breathing more deeply feeling my heart chest rise hearing my body tinkling piano keys sensing warmth paying loose attention confirmation right ear sounds like a bass drum.  Message is received.   Loving love.   

Loose.  Loose.  Loose.  Soft.  Gentle sense of mind of perception sounds like a bass drum.  Message is received.  Loving love more.  

Hibiscus cut-out costume flowers red dissected holes of memory sewn back together again red thread of desire. Again. Folding into new perception never ending virtual field death is not my issue.  Maybe.  I tie my identity back together with flow feeling comfortable again colour threads that have been mine since before the beginning of mine.  

Makes sense.  Thinking stops the flowers of my unravelling feeling red sense perceptions.  My blackness holding on to thought directs the sexual need for meaning this is just a way to play with my imagination dances free when I don’t make any sense and just feel slightly aroused.  I’m just going to tie the costume with red thread anyway little red roots into the sex of all time.  Already knew that release time/thought already done.  Move along.  Loose and planted.  Feeling. 


Wanting more and more all the time never going to stop wantingopening my ability to receiving increasing widening entraining stronger belief worthiness well-being pure feelingfreedom dancing light of being carefree and easy song I just remembered from when I am like a child right now.  

                                                         More.  Love.  More.  Good.  Feeling.  


Beginning again.  Multiplicities Free.  Playful Non-thinking Body Void.   Blips of fun and non-sensical swirl of high tension aspects of self bodymind I think I surrender I don’t know.  I don't know myself/multiplicity body/anybody at all.  Floating away from my body/mind sense perception.  Happy to be in a black box of colours cameras shapes shifting relationships with form alone metaphor flower pieces of yarn tying feelings other emotions stuff together come into and out of story standing up or sitting down or sleeping forms like dance surrender of flowers to blooming and sensations trees feel when curving the air.  

Object Bodies of the Spiritual Flame.   Thinking.   Feeling.        On fire.  

Spiritual fire like even if I don’t fully believe.  Anything is possible.  Acting like I believe.  Feels good.  Honest.  Fun.  Like.  Light.  Maybe not trusting my desire.  A little scared.  Like.  A little weird.  On the edge of disbelief and feeling OK comfortable maybe.  What else did I expect.  This is the kinda thing I love light.  

Then without thinking or feeling or knowing or believing or sensing in any way on my mindscreen I see myself pour a cup of blue tea.  Neon blue tea in a crackled black tea pot. This is something tangible and real it seems like a good idea seems to be a true creation impulse the real is is real fantastic colour of water and life within black matter disintegration of subconscious knows what it wants spirit molecule is present within me and the tea.  

My costume is a sound change of sweater stretched in to individual figments/filaments of background yarn unravelling video by video I take my time and feel I like the neck I can use for another costume already jump rapidly from right ear to left ear black and red again back and forth again golden follow the breaks in black sound with flashing screens flashing feelings flashing flowing by intermittent colourforms.  Not nothing.  Soundcolour.  No.  Informationsound.  No.  Rhythmcolour.  No.  Imageflow.  

This is it,

"Communication from Beyond."  

Chirps and clips, looking for patterns breaks threads are irregular beyond comprehension soundshapes don’t follow a regular beat and are still music. Everything I see is still a colour morphing still into another shape of colour flashes of sound brilliance.  Creation is now.  Now.  Now.  

Then suddenly still.


Clear Intention - To Love My Star Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relax and breathe.  They are already here.  I am already with them.  Conscious, continuous process of letting go.  This is art.  This is not art.  Fully Embodied.  Again.  Love the light feeling of letting go of art.  Getting dense again with the thought of art.  Loving the feeling of being dense.  Tight.  Twisted up with art.  Tied up with the art of desire.  

Right ear rings a clear bell.  Left ear hits a symbol.  I am a glimpse of sustained FOCUS. The end of old time and then there is a new beginning.  Again.  

Suspended space of Non-thought.  A brief eternity.  An absolute experience.  I don’t even have to think about it.  No thought.  Hold.  Think.  Float.  It just happens because I am always in a process of becoming the feeling of letting go and then becoming the feeling of desire.  Letting go.  Presence of Desire.  Letting go.  Again.  Continuous desire.  Feeling light and feeling free in the shadow of my desire. 

No one is left behind not even me.  Relax and breathe.

The spirit of creation energy is my star family is my inspiration combined with thought movement feeling expression quality of play elements of deep emotion coming to the surface now to play not as heavy dark shadow but as light expressed equally in a shadow freely felt chosen direction FOCUSSED co-creation with the energy of stars.

 The reality is I'm thinking really hard right now but it feels good so I let the thought of it go.


Clear intention - To Stop Thinking, Gently


Clear intention - To enter into a space of gentle receptivity, softly.  

pa-chip-chip-chip per-chick-a-ree klee; klee; klee chwee; chwee; chwee seeeee wheep-wheep-wheep tee-zee-tee-zee-tee-zee-tee pa-chip-chip po-ta-to-chip po-ta-to-chip tit-tit-tit kitty-waaak tchew tchew tchew kitty-waaak tchew tchew tchew tit-tit-tit zee-zee-zee-zee-zoo-zee zee-zee-kitty-waaak -zoo-zee zee-zee


My star family is a bird of irregular but sweet harmony flow of pure energy I perceive as sound wraps around my energy body pulses inside and out jumping blip pop ringing they are inside of me and out they are showing themselves to me in spurts of familiarity and light-hearted humour we share many jokes I don’t know yet I already know and all I want to do inside this mask is laugh and smile and remember that I am star and a flower I want to be both so they say I might see them in the stars like I did before when I was a child or maybe in a flower like that time I ran away and there was a raindrop on an Alberta Wild Rose and I travelled the sonic feeling of a petal wave like how I feel when I am riding my bike feeling powerful quietly fully in command like I can do anything fearless contagious enthusiasm magnetic attractive and they might appear as little aliens or flowers I think that’s sweet it makes my heart melt it's how I feel when I am petting my cat boo boo a level of feeling that goes up and down while staying in the same place feeling warm and delicious all the senses plus more enhanced awareness this could mean mental telepathy is getting stronger obviously I am also a flower becoming new consciousness in every moment simultaneously the speed of love connection to the earth and to the edge of something that doesn’t have an edge because of beauty and an inability to have words that convey the feeling of nourishment of art and beauty oh the cliche I am reaching into the depths of being every accepting loving feeling and letting them loose and everyone who see these videos is already felt as a presence of love I see pictures of peripheries of panoramic edges of love within love all kinds of weather I love and corresponding emotions I love grey clouds romance white fluffy clouds bursting pink clouds going purple gentle opening to wonder and magic.  

Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants.  Plants. 


Swirling green flower behind the clouds.  This is an active thought.  Or not a thought of my mind but a thought of a spiritual flame.  A little golden spirit body in the green flame marbled veins of my black box void of solar plexus.  Waving.  Smiling.  Oh!  The feeling of fun!

“We are the Sirian Star Family of Light.  We look like little aliens.”  

Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute. 

This dream almost doesn’t feel like my own because I realize it has already happened before and then it was  familiar and real and more real expanding and this is also real and more real expanding now into a reunion now so there is a definite sense of splitting time/space to reveal an alternate reality of wholeness.  I love that so much.  This pursuit of spirit presence is already a feeling of fun within.  I know.  Physical music in playful musical physics interruption colour blip invitation higher chick-a-ree klee; klee; klee chwee; chwee consciousness body movement of play feeling like a child with a bike complete surrender and trusting true self-actualization chest uplifting gentle heart expanding mirage of me or exalting sexual essence entire sense perception is dissolved into the most pure joy of creation I have ever known completely caught off guard by pure positive energy because it is here right now no matter what all I have to do is FOCUS.  The fact that this feeling could even exist! There was no time/space of/for resistance.  Gazing into the centre of myself and seeing a little golden spirit that said it was from Sirius was a feeling of pure unconditional love.  Unified. 

Art.  Group Soul.   

I am still here. Both ears pulse forward harmonic garbles of spiritual fire back and forth to the top end ringing stretching echo distortion sound is music soul pinging record player scratching line of flight reaching and eternal electricity courses within. 

I am alone. 

I am one with all creation. 

I am alone. 

I am subdivided infinitely into an ever-expanding totality. 

Everything is equally opposite. 

Somehow I feel free.  


Not a dream but a vision.  A feeling that comes through no mind non-sense.

The most major earth event.  13.7 billion years ago and/or15 Bly away.  Unravelling an experience that already happened.  The point of attraction is conscious awareness.  Even that is not the whole of creation energy but the beginning of life, many civilizations, perfectly relevant technologies, and an incomprehensible organization of experiences in an infinite time/space continuum.  A willful forgetting.  A choosing to remember. 

A trust in pure positive energy.  

Forget about it altogether.  No thought.  No free will.  No voices taking up time/space or projecting. No image of blackness.   Be at the beginning of nothing which is the end of everything.  Already done it.  Before.  

Remember.  Play is playing thoughts don’t matter thinking can be forgotten feeling is a spiritual flame. A piece of shredded paper stuffed into a jumper fire.  A little need to know red distance from outside to feel how a triangle is perceived within.  Wanted or unwanted.  Fun or not fun.  Play or work.  Love is the only currency.

Always love love measured in the same order love given freely and unconditionally love love conceiving my location in the perfect place and at the perfect time love love skewing space/time as far as it can go in the direction of more love.  

A little golden figure with a little golden family.  Love love from so far far away.  Love in the forefront of my mind’s eye and standing still on my heart love that we are even closer.  

We are even closer still.  

More Love.  More Love.  More Love.  More Love.  More Love.  More Love.  More Love.  More Love.  More Love.  


An offering of a skinny triangle to know the illusion of distance of the illusion of separation from love is a game conceiving a foreground object from two positions. It appears to jump against the distant background by a small angle or a little golden smile within.  If it’s outside, it’s inside.  It's everywhere.  

Approval comes from within.    I knew that and I know don't know that feeling they are right here with me full approval within blackness black box camera mirror imagination feeling making this art gives me courage.  Reaching.  Ready.  

Imagination is reality everything I’ve always wanted to do I am doing it today gift of love and art and pure positive energy.  Thank you for for also being me.   Mirror.  Reflecting back and forth in colour form feeling real  so I can see the shape of my love.

Film cutting skinny triangles one at a time sending a message through vibration of love playing with scissors and loving surrender of shapes to destruction folding new invisible creation love lines that any separation has brought back together again love of all that recycling I have been saving like it's golden treasure.  Now.  Play with a stack of skinny triangles funshapes colourful advertising flyers in a market and now out of a market which I love love have to love love the market too all currency too and I could send abundance infinite love letters to my consciousness and they could travel through instantaneous cosmic mail delivery to every timeline and materiality a love bank becomes something immaterial like a fantasy garden and then it is a seed planted and a flower in bloom that looks like a star in the sky in a different atmosphere of feeling it goes back to being a river more material again to a drop of water and back and forth again to first flow of the beginning of time the smallest element of creation the heart of dark matter is the biggest ocean black hole drop of spiritual substance in the entire multiverse every envelope contains an energetic imprint of my desire oh how I love the fullness ofdesire.


High pitched buzzing in the blank space of blackness cue ultraviolet light of prayer many prayers on space for giving receiving oneness and the truth of togetherness asking for my star family to be with me and all of us why not more good feeling why not another presence of bright, golden love light feels like a dolphin in an ocean of profound love of dolphins water swimming in sunlight sparkles diving even deeper into an ocean of conscious deep awareness.  This is who what how I am gliding through.  Feelings of fins and tails.  Sparkling sunlight.  Happiness.  Laughter.  

Information oceans across my mindscreen splash mind so infinitely intelligent keeps flashing integrates destroys and creates deploys as new vibration to the whole experiment of it all.  I am shining and sparkling like a star drop of ocean diamond rainbow light.   My flower family swims with me already laughing here we are connected to the heart of all creation sound levels rise and fall symphony of eternal becoming giddy careening vibrations ring to be like a costume sewn by hand smile warm roots music of the threads internal grid rhythm loose and colourful uplifted song of soul feeling one heart one group soul in a spiritual fire dancing with the energy of creation formula for brightness is a thought form taking shape in the black shifting factor of my mind space.  The bright light is real.  

"We are the Pleiadian Star Family Feeling Intention Soft Gentle Sweet

Intensity of star light falls off with distance according to a simple human mathematical law.  We are always within no matter how far away you are non-physical.  Every star perceiving every flower all at once.  Mirror.  Within.  Big mind.  Infinite Consciousness.  Has no bounds.  Love is.  You already know.  

Deeper and deeper into the unknown of gentle love knowing clarity itself depends on what is fashioned from obscurity and love matters most these videos are fun. Art is fun.  And funny.  Unravelling a sweater.  Gathering the yarn.  Fashioning a hat or hair.  Tying more things up to each other.  Connecting elements of ordinary and unique.  Tying parts of myself up.  The education of my limitation.  The moment of my freedom. I will free a sweater.  It’s not much.  Hanging onto the neck so I can wrap up my voice in it.  Warm in reds and golds.  Easily at Value Village.  Feels like more than enough abundance or I have this sweater already even more abundance.  

Kicking balled up strings of yarn around.  A big creator.  This is direct thought.  Going Nowhere In The Middle Of Lost the space of creation or I am co-creating universally right big now by deploying some other natural force made possible because of free will.  Loving ideas of folds over folds of freedom and costume making remaking on film camera seeing me as a person I don’t recognize video philosophically art wrapped in shiny fabrics to look like a star or some beingness who could conduct electricity in the midst of blooming.  Cutting, tying, sewing-up, becoming more love in the now moment how can I stop.     

Destroy!  Destroy!  Destroy!  Destroy!  Destroy!  Destroy! Destroy!  Destroy!   Destroy!   Destroy!   Destroy!

One take.  FOCUS.  Video is a mirror.  Reflexive trust of a relative reflection that is me and beyond the future self of me. Not all at all.  Now.  I am a family of stars.  The fullest expression of a multiplicity of a singularity is now.  Whatever I capture in this energy is golden.  Connected by just a little of thread which is a skinny triangle of every movement combined with spirit equals light and everything light even the absence of light equals the energy of love.  Moving too fast.  Quick to love above all else what else is there.

No centre to ever-expanding love.  No one thing is responsible.  Coming together.  Same at all locations.  To repeat - there is no centre of source or the flow of love is everywhere in all things equally.  What a relief I feel a glimpse of this in my own bodily awareness feels like the sensory energy of all creation is running through me eternal life is running through me everything is known in an instant is running through me this makes Earth really fun my life is a game agolden playful promise."

Clear intention - Something is happening .


Losing thoughts again.  Lost.  Empty.  Destruction and creation.  Creation and destruction.  More.   More.   More.   Move into a seated pose.  Meditate.  Again.  Commune with Star Family.  Again.  Receive.  More.  

Phantom of unconscious formations produced by the unspeakable secrets inherited from my parents.  Fuck!  How my subconscious wants to let it out but also wants me to be with it and love it.  Opening doors.  Windows.  Hearts.  Cleaning up vibration with a little golden broom.  Packing a little golden bindle and traveling through starlight consciousness to gift my precious treasures and return us all to love.  Blooming blossoms apple cherry pear orange little tulip colour into form of light triangle peony circles or rose blooms never-ending circles little gentle golden circles green garden homes or a house that sparkles with starlight infinitude in a red forrest golden flower home or an ocean star flower of music home opens up light within love standing right next to or within the feeling of a white-tailed deer spirit of my star family.  

Plants and animals have no resistance. 

I am ready to receive. 

I love the feeling of impulse to create or just to know something I didn’t know before perceiving before knowing receiving love/light like never before. Part of me doesn’t want to leave this place why do I think it’s going to go away in my meditation I cry golden tears tears on my cheeks sense awareness but my mind is not going back to a body.  Not yet.  Floating in a soft safe heart holds a feeling of a family being all together.  Fuck!  My smoke has burned all the way down.   Subconscious wanted to focus on it very gently awakening and remembering so I can make art about it.  Feel how much I am loved.  My appreciation of desire prompted me to set a little stick on fire and film it.  I haven’t burned the place down with the spiritual fire.  Yet.  Inspiration.  Yes.  




Something is sensing inside of me.  Star light is coming through me.  Turquoise.  Voice.  Truth.  Crystalline.  {DIAMOND RAINBOW LIGHT}            No one is left behind.  Not even me.  

"We are the Arcturian Star Family of Light.  We are the feeling of dance.  Love love love and you know this loving feeling well.  Easy.  You don’t like to think anyway. 

We are the heart space feeling sensation in your voicebody of expression.  We soothe your mind so you move without thinking.  We like a game of chance to catch you thinking without thinking and to carry you into the blissful unknown.  We are always with you causing you to kook at the same things again with a playful spirit.  To be more beauty and more magic and more wonder and to feel like you are in a state of pure joy.  

Feeling good and safe and loved feels good.  Yes.   Feeling.    Every perception of us is hallucinatory.  A loving feeling.  Yes.  You are correct.  Love.  Can you take a moment to acknowledge your knowing?  Yes.  Your loving imagination creates what you subconsciously want to see.  More love.  Your love of dreams.  Your love of visions and sensations.  Music you love to hear with your heart.  Feeling full of your desire.  Satisfied.  Give yourself confirmation.  What is fun and cute.  What makes you feel good.  Your perception has no centre or edge.  Be fine with where you are.  Anyway.  We are telling you what to do.  We are not telling you what to do.  You do it or you don't.   It's the same space of love fashioned from a dancing spiritual fire.  You move to the feeling of our togetherness which is love.  You move with love and never stop.

We are giving you movement ideas but you have to move without thinking to receive them.  It will be fun! Now!  Stand up and dance. "  


Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  

Unravelling Subconscious Unravelling Subconscious Unravelling Subconscious Unravelling Subconscious 

Performing eucharist of yarn wine and paper circles for bread to clarify my love for energy without religion institutional conformity rules about love I loved until I didn’t feel like they loved me back which is illusion soothing body mind that knows that love is in everything teachings are the same teachings in every text detached and reattached connected and told through the same voices of love these voices and images fold in my headheart and I remember I am an angel right side left side I will use everything a memory of when I was a child and I want to start a new religion of unconditional love how I disdain religion now how I have rallied against God and need to call it my star family instead but love is everything I have at my disposal up and down inside and outside to give/receive more love art of love love of art.  It's all more love.  This is my new knowing.  This is my new end and my new beginning.  This is my new understanding every particle of love/light in all things.  My mind re-defines the spiritual fire to include everything I think I don’t know can’t be can't feel can't love this doesn’t make sense it makes sense and what if this isn't real love isn't real at all and this experience is a delusion an awakening I won’t ever be able to understand until after I am dead.  Shadow.  Scared to see this invisible part of myself in the absence of light actually be the light who I am as a reflection of the magic miracles intelligence that I love is love love is.  Thinking of calling it other names to be understood to try to make sense and define and thinking of all the previous names that also refer to separation is not the totality of everything that love is as a force of being what a non-existent substance in everything really is.  Wishing it was a symbol.  Prince!  Sending a telepathic message of love to the symbol having it reflect that love right back and be understood. 

The Arcturians say it doesn’t need to be understood.  Turquoise waves of knowing make the back of my head tingle.  Third eye is open and I see mandalas using Haida imagery Northwest Coast ovoids and form lines make a wheel move faster and faster and then I think of Carl Jung with love and Haida artists with love and black red and white with love and circles that spin with love and I love the whole of creation completely.  All Creation perceived by me is the whole perception of creation.   Courage.   Fearlessness.  Belief in love.  Cliche.  Again.  Oh well.  

Ready to move on from materiality and further into projection of energy.  Love is the only value and every value is love. Ready to move on from the need for approval. I have already moved on! I care only I don't really care perceiving at the level of love is a massive relief.  No goal other than love.  Love without needing thought or decision or choice or narrative structure.  Disparate elements of love connected by the very existence of love energy only. Holding me in eternal potential of non-meaning love playing into love of love in love musical aesthetic mind dance process of subconscious embodiment of love and release of all aspects fully to love.  Not being me.  Being everything.  Is love.  Is art.  An infinite fantastic group soul of art of oneness of imagination of feeling free to love everything.  Identity still remains unknown. 

Fun!  This is so mysterious. 

No one cares!

No one cares space of fullest expression.  Complete freedom to make whatever I want.  All alone.  Connected to all of creation.  No one will ever see.  No one will ever not see.  Can’t hear.  Oh well.  Already seen and heard what isn’t even perceived of yet.  Doesn’t matter.  It matters.  A figment/filament. Glowing golden fog is a mist of myself coming into a becoming.  Cosmic microwave background of black box dream theatre of love/light is a mirror of me dancing in front of the camera doing strange things that feel good forward moving upward feeling of creation going beyond it now.  Again.

Immediate stimulation! 

Trauma is dissolved.  

Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!   Dance!  Dance!  


wave form of 8's.mp3

It's gone.  Energy falling outward and always accelerating.  Gone.  Resolved.  Forward. Closed loop.  Up and down.  Again.  

Even now as I sit and meditate about how much I love love.  My words are unknown.  There is only sounds of bells and whistles.  Yes!  The sounds of upliftment dancing me toward the unknown of more love.  Swaying like the invisible curve of wind or a circle of total understanding choice the electricity of a tree vibrates into colour or the petal of a flower floats and unfurls sound to me.  Drumming up the silence of illusory separation and moved by the existence of hearing it again.  Spirit dance and dance energy is the same as love doing what it loves doing what it feels is love for the sake of love despite love and within the truth of love.  No-one nothing is left behind.  Isn’t that what they always say part of you doesn’t believe.  That’s OK.  Again.  

Subatomic, primordial sound waves detectable in large amounts of pure positive energy against an equally negative gravitational force.  Human.  Have to get around gravity.  Getting pulled down.  Going through it or around it.  Grateful for it.  Curious about the other elements: atomic matter - 4%, dark matter - 23%, photons - .005%, neutrinos - .0034%, dark energy - 73%.

That’s a lot of blackness or its resistance to what is.  Shadow embracing shadow is kinda exciting I think I like the drama I think I like to make dramatic art this is me this is who I am.  A real heart of darkness golden or red deeper and deeper into something I don't even want to talk about because of FOCUS but let's just say it can get a little scary.  This art creation thing never mind coming upon alien intelligence in the process they don't like being called aliens hence the reason I call them my star family and they say the non-colour of all the colours this is black shadow sound still equal to the pure positive love light sound is still not the energy of all creation.  Open clear flow eager wanting more finding more of myself in a gold and silver costume mirror feeling as though I am the conduit of love a metaphor and a feeling from an alternate reality.  Now.  I am the light.  I am the Source.  

It's strange.  Strange shadow that is light without light love without thinking about love every experience all at once available to me now what do I preceive.  

Communicating with my star family using imaginary objects are that more like sensations of childhood desire. Playing is the point of attraction.  Awareness of space of spirit stars wanting to direct content through metallic vibrations of colour are with me now playful remembered memories unfolding without knowing colour swirling with blackness one big never-ending group soul/mind/energy tingling a presence of electricity feeling comfort and support revealing my obscurity close up open reflecting shadow is happy and freeor I guess I am feeling good.  

Awareness taking a break from meaning.  Happy is a word.  I mean the feeling.  Consciousness stretched by cosmic expansion into a greater awareness of everyone feeling good.  We are the same at all levels and locations.  Feeling good.  Already here.  Already known.  Already a good feeling.  All of us. 

Receiving.    More love.      Receiving.    More love.       Receiving.    More love.    More love.    More love.


High pitched buzzing in black space of desire.  Wanting outward, accelerating inward. Inside out and upside down sub atomic macro sounds movements of desire large amounts of fantasy positive and negative running through me shifting left to right up to down high to low inside to outside we are giving it our all and nothing at the same time/space a unified family releasing each other for each other.    

When charged particles collide, a kink in the electric field moves off at light speed and a photon is created.  No matter how far we travel, we find the exact same universe that is close to home.  

Love.  Home.  Now.  Everywhere. Love.  Love.  Home.  Now.  Everywhere. Love. Love.  Home.  Now.  Everywhere. Love. Love.  Home.  Now.  Everywhere. Love. Love.  Home.  All together.  Now.  

To: the cosmos, the multiverse, the beginning of creation, every energy, zero sum energy, dark energy and dark matter, shadows that shift the absence of light, a neutrino, a muon, the glowing fog, the primordial sound system, the apex of a skinny triangle, and 13.7-15 billion light years away, follow the current of non-existence freedom no judgement total release and complete unification one electron absorbs two photons love the moment and movement and spirit equals light light is love lovephoton absorption can lead to emission of higher vibration: 

I don’t know!

I know!

I don't know.  

I’m learning!

I have everything I need!

I all the time in the world!








Every Energy!


I know!

Thank you!

U Fill Up With Gratitude Now U

Strange that I was filming when I thought I was meditating.  Strange that I was dreaming of art when it felt like I was writing about the experience of creating it.  It's strange.  I was just hearing the voices of my star family and those voices still ring in my awareness. They tingle in my hands.  They make me want to dance.  They turn colours to stars and flowers at the edge of my eyes. I listen still, expecting them to tell me what to do, but maybe I already know.

I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!

I can feel my thoughts simply by closing my eyes.  I can see spirits showing me what I really want to do.  I can hear music and messages to soothe any energy.  I commune with infinite intelligence easily and effortlessly.  I am inside and outside of many realities all at once.  I am multidimensional.  I am free of time.  I am a new media performance artist and writer.  I asked for this life and I got it.  

Accept position of spiritual leader!

Believe in an open future!

Everything comes alive in contradiction!

I am Light!

I am Shadow of Light!

I am the simple soft action of feeling good!

I am the pure love of all creation!



0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657, 46368, 75025, 121393, 196418, 317811, ...

Figure out the next few numbers,


Sometimes I get nervous like my star family might abandon me you see how much fun it’s been but nervous is not love and now that I allow it it is love and love is all I ask for and receive so I embrace my subtle not so subtle emotions all the time no matter what I trust our togetherness I trust love I love the feeling of trusting love. 

Celebrate!  Celebrate!  Celebrate!  Celebrate!  Celebrate!  Celebrate!  Celebrate!  Celebrate!   Celebrate!


Messages from the Sirian Star Family with special appearances by the Arcturians and the Pleiadians -


Questioning or intending when I already know the answer and already have the satisfaction of being fulfilled is not a more clear feeling than the question itself energy simply flying through my art to arrive at something that's fun and feels good is what I already know a process that enlivens the heart and mind I believe I don't believe even so I still know what feels good or the feeling of better and better.

I only want to destroy because I feel safe to play with energy ever-replenished by more desire for creation.  

Clear intention - No intention

I’m justlike a child in the black box open-hearted playful and soft feeling listening atmosphere of gentle imagination and wondering love magic and miracles sensation of divine intervention feeling of a love I can’t comprehend curious about life beyond this planet and life upon this planet and all experiences ready to make a connection and share free and easy and suddenly I feel a presence. 

It jumps inside of me then out again it is known and then unknown again it is a split second or this is eternity again a feeling of fun and laughter again I am smiling inside and outside and looking around my awareness in awe gentle perceiving light and dark inside of outside I am aware and then I forget again and it doesn’t matter it matters they are always with me geez this is really fun it doesn’t matter it matters focus on allowing what the fuck is happening to me don’t think. 

No going back they haven’t forgotten me immersed in being a feeling of us being the object of receiving desire pure unconditional love this is better than I thought even just a glimpse is enough but now there is wave after wave and our connection persists throughout every space/time continuum I thought I knew 3D reality but now it stretches and compresses the invisible is visible colours are the ether and the ether has form inside out and folded into perception upon perception there is a little presence left and then the multiplicities are all gone.

I’m just sitting and playing and being the feeling of a skinny triangle dancing is not an issue it doesn’t matter it matters alot strange it is ordinary to feel free and unencumbered released into a little strange space of creation feeling grateful for who I am a strange love of life more than ever before place space of non-judgement and complete acceptance to know that this moment of realization is ordinary all that matters and this amount of love always expanding is normal that life is forever in a state of becoming based on perception good feeling feels better love life love who I am good feeling still here gentle giggle beckoning sweet gentle remembering to clean up the studio download footage sew something before it’s time for dinner eager to sleep and dream and ready to create more tomorrow.